Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eating, Eating and Eating

FOOD....amezing word and my the most favorite. After looking at me anyone can see this. :)I am not very choosey person about food but I just love to eat. I like to try out different food types. Food from different counties, different resturants, veg, non-veg....all.
From childhood I used to enjoy eating in resturants but my parents were against it. My mom used to cook definately good food at home so she wanted me and my sister to eat at home but we were more interested to eat outside. I know my Grandmother used to take me, my sister, my eat outside after we finish our exams and also after we get our results. That used to be a fun day for us. Going out with grandma , then shoping and then eating our favorite dish in that used to be the best day as a child.
In those days another favorite programme was eating Paav-Bhaji at Jayashree near Sarsbagh with my cousines. My Mavashi and Uncle used to take me and my sister along with her children there many times. That time it was very small resturant but test was really good. After they opened many branches all over pune but then it was no more fun to go there.
As i started going to college, my resturants visites started increasing. And till that time I also got freedom from my parents to do what i like.
When I was studying (hahahahah ????) in S.P. college, our best meeting spot was S.S. The main attraction there was Vada-Paav and Samosa Paav. Still some times when i go to pune, i try to go there atleast once to eat Samosa-Paav. In those days another attraction was to go to Vaishali to eat S.P.D.P. But it was far away and so could not go that often. But my mom used to like Dosa at Vaishali sometimes then on sunday we all used to go there.
My another all time favorite eating spot is marzorin sandwitches at M.G.Road. Even my father used to like those sandwiches so i was officially allowed to go there often :) Last time I took my hubby also there and now he also likes those sandwitches.
When I was doing my Masters, me and my family used to go almost every sunday out for lunch and so obviously it was a job for me and my sister to find out a new resturant for every sunday. One of us used be in that resturant atleast once before and so could give good advice to my parents :) My parents used to be amezed with our resturant knowledge :) That used to be real fun sunday. But that time my eating world was limited to Veg food only. As my parents are strictly vegiterian, we used to eat veg only. But out of curiosity I tried 2-3 times chicken. But did not feel something very special about it.
During college days, me and my friends used to go many times on our motor bikes to Sihgad to eat Kanda Bhaji. and now even my hubby is a big fan of that kanda bhaji.... It is a must programme for him to go to Sihgad and eat Onion Rings :)
After coming to germany, my food world widened drastically. I am basically curious about different food types so never had problem to adjust myself with german eating habits. Here I tried all kinds of food. My resturant love has not changed here too.
One of my favorite resturants is Sushi resturant in Heidelberg. Me and my hubby , we both are sushi fans. Just cannot stop eating sushi. Italian and chinese food joints are always on our list. I
specially like Duck made in chinese style and different pastas from Ialian resturants. We also love Mexican food. And till now Enchilads in Mannheim is the best resturant I found for Mexican food.
When I came to germany , I was really not good at cooking and was also very lazy mostly used to eat outside only. During that time I started liking a very special and famous food in Germany....Kebab...well its not german but Turkish...still very comman in germany. In early days kebab and pizza was all time favorite and affordable too :)
Luckily I got many friends here who could cook very good and so used to get always good food to eat.
After marriage I became even more lucky because now I got my hubby and mother-in-law who could cook very good. :) In the first year of marriage I don't even remember cooking more than 12 times in a year. Many times my hubby cooked or we went outside to eat. Every saturday my mother-in-law used to inviate us for lunch. There I tested first time a real typical german food. And i liked it. Its mainly different types of meat but with some typical german souce and it tests very good.
One very famous dish from Black Forest area is Käsespätzle which I like a lot. When i was living in black forest area , I used to eat this whenever possible.
During Christmas its a big eating time which I really love. First eating in Christmas market and secondly at my in-laws house cooked by my mother-in-law, my hubby's Aunt and his Grand Mother. They all cook so delicious food these 3 yummy......One is on 24th night what my mother-in-law gives with drinks is her special breads with some potato and cucumber filling, then very delicious Cream Rolls made by Grand Mother and third one is "Kartoffel knoedle" (potato dumpling) made by my father-in-law and Christmas special Vanilla Sugar Cookies . Just amezing. There is much more to eat but these 4 are my most favorites.
Around 4 years ago I suddenly got interest in cooking and now is much better cook than before.
I cook now lot of different things...Thai, Chinese style,Indian even some times typical maharashtrian.... like Puri, bhaji, shirkhand and my hubby also likes it ....atleast thats what he told me :), different pasta, cakes.....and sometimes evem my own creation :)
One thing I must say...all my cooking is inspired from cooking websites...without internet I would have never learned this much cooking. On internet there are many times Videos to look at the actual cooking process which has definately helped me a lot.
No one could belive that I can cook and we both can eat that too. :) But my mom belived it when I actually cooked for her during her germany visit :)
Its fun now to cook at home too. But still Resturant is always a first prefrence for both of us dought.