Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spargel (asparagus)

Last week I saw Spargel field and farmers working there. And suddenly smell that spargel season is coming near. Spargel with Hollandaise yummy.
Asparagus or Spargel as called in german is one of my favorite vegetables. Ofcourse I was not knowing about this vegetable before....I ate this vegetable first time in Germany. In germany we get mainly white spargel. May and June are the months of fresh Spargel. this is the main season. We get spargel whole year in super market as deep freezed or in a glass but fresh spargel is something comparison with anything from the deeep freeze....In these 2 months there are numerous roadside stands selling spargel , also the weekly markets, super markets ....everywhere selling fresh spargel and people are buying as much as possible :) All resturants have special spargel menu.. Its amezing time.
These 2 months we have most of the time different spargel recipes at home. And one very important event since last 3 years..... spargel Buffet in Hotel Crown Plaza in Heidelberg. We go there since last 3 years... A big buffet with many different testy spargel food items. yummy.......
I still remember my first spargel cooking...:) I saw it in the saturday market and bought it. I was not knowing that I have to pill it before cooking. So I cooked it as it is and then it was hard time to eat that :) But now I am very clever....and buy only pilled spargel....The most boaring job in spargel cooking is pilling it. And another very difficult job is to take out the finished spargel from the fields. Luckily I don't have to do that job...its farmer's job :)
In spargel season , I normally go on my cycle to spargel fields in the nearby villages and buy it. Then cooking it and eating with nice Hollandaise sauce, and extra crispy I am already smelling it :)
One of the simplest and testy recipe of spargel which i make is that boil the spargel, roll it in ham , top it with some cheese and bake it till the cheese melts..... wow...I am hungry now :)
I live in a area which is very famous for good quality of spargel and I am really happy to live here. Now I am waiting for the first spargel road side stand to open....few more days to go and then yummy yummy spargel in my tummy :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


AS I am born and brought up in Pune, Walking was just not my thing. Till the age of 23 I almost never was always riksha, my best scooty, or car..but walking and that also for way.

But when i came to germany, i didn't have german driving license, no car and taxi was not affordable(its still not that much affordable) only one option was walking, walking and walking :)

Once in my gym i saw one event notice "Wandern on 1st May"....that time i heard the word Wandern for the first time. Then one of my german friends told me that its like a tradition in germany to go with family or friends on 1st of May for wandern i.e. nothing but walking tour, hiking. I really liked this concept. Normally in May weather is good...and 1st May is a public holiday so to go out with whole family or friends ín a fresh air and enjoy.....really good concept. Ofcourse that year i register myself for the first time for this hiking event from my gym and it was really pleasant experience. Blue sky, green fields around, group of almost 40 people, and walking in forest, fields ...just wonderfull experience. It was around 15 k.m. tour...then in the afternnon took a break in one little resturant middle of the forest for coffee and was soooo nice. After this years i went every year for wandern.
My hiking interest increased more after my marriage. My husband is a complete sports freak. Biking, hiking, snow boarding...all possible sports. We bought a big map of hiking ways near our city and did hiking almost every sunday in spring and summer. Soon I got used to walk upto 20 k.m.easily in 7-8 hrs. Every sunday we used to get ready in the morning with special hiking shooes, special sticks in hand for me if i need some support while walking up or going down from mountains, rucksack with enough water and small snack packs.....:) We used to choose always some nice ways in the mountains, fields, forest. The nature I saw every time was amezing. I must thank my hubby for introducing me to this gr8! experience. Because of him i started enjoying hiking. After every hiking tour i felt really fresh.
This hiking tours in germany does not have any age limit... Till now saw even old people above 70 years also enjoying this hiking tours in mountains, in forests.. I really appriciate these people's energy,way to look at life. Even my hubby's grandmother who is above 80 years now, but still in the summer she goes for small walks of around 6-7 k.m., swimming. She tries to enjoy her life and pass time with quality.
There are many people who does hiking tours of 3-4 days with rucksack. They walk particular k.m. in one day and in the evening normally sleep in some special Hütte (huts) made for such hikers and then next day walk further. In this hutte there are no luxirious arrangements like in ahotel but just a big hall where u can sleep and next get some breakfast. Till now I never made any such hiking tour as i am still not so sure about my physical condition but may be some day will do it.
Till now the best hiking tour i made with my hubby was in ischgl in Austria. That was an amezing experience for me. It was first time that i did hiking in such a high mountains where weather was always changing . At the top of the mountains sometimes it was so foggy that it was not even possible to see a road after 50 meters. It was 3 days tour. The nature was so beautiful.
Now again spring is there and soon our wanderung/ hiking tours will start. Lets see how many hiking tours we can manage in this season.

Monday, March 15, 2010

TV channels and my favorite serials/shows

I love watching TV. Once upon a time when i was young :) , i was not allowed to watch TV a lot. In fact my parents did not buy TV till I pass my 10th class exam. Thats normal...but may be thats why i am now adicted to watch TV. :)
In germany, most of TV channels show American serials translated in german. They have really few serials which are originally German and also enjoyable. Channels like ZDF, Das Erste have all original german shows but in my opinion they are nothing else but boaring. So out of all these original german TV shows there are really few serials/shows which i really enjoy to watch.
My most favorite german TV serial on RTL channel is "Alarm für Cobra 11"....full action packed serial. I started watching this serial because i used to like one of the actors a lot...but then after few years he lfet the serial and now another one joined it ...he also good.
Another favorite show is Stefan Raab's "TV Total ". When i first time watched this show...i felt it very similar to very old TV show in india "Movers and shakers " by Shekhar suman. They both have the same style of witty and funny comments on other channel's shows, giving very less chance to talk for a guest on the show while interviewing him/her. But still Stefan raab has his own different dought.
One very interesting informative show is "Stern TV" moderated by Günther Jauch . I like this show mainly because of different topics he talked about. Very informative show.
Few years ago when i lost my job , i had lot of time in hand...and that time i used to watch one coocking show....that was my one of the was from "Tim mälzer" I used to like his way of communicating with viewers, his very easy to do recipes, and his type of telling how to do this recipe. Then soon i got the job and never got a chance to watch that show again. Now I even don't know that shows still exists or not....
One very interesting comedy show on SAT1 is "Sechserpack" ..there is a group of 6 people and they act in different short comedy stories. The jokes are too good in the show ....most of the time.
In reality shows, i watch mostly Super Talent and DSDS...the main interest in this shows is Dieter Bohlen's straight forward, brave and some times contraversial comments on the candidates and Bruce Darnell's german comments in American accent and his emotional drama :)
All other American serials on german channels translated in german are also good. Serials like CSI newyork, CSI miami, Criminal intent, Burn notice, Gilmore girls are few of my faviourates.
Actually Nick channel is supposed to be for children but big children like me :) also like to watch this channel. All serials from Schnider's factory like "i-Carly, Drake and Josh, Zoy101" are just amezing. And how can I forget "The simpsons and SpongeBob"...really good cartoons. Allthough I think Simpsons is really not for the children.
But there is still one serial...which is just not comparable to any of the serials and my The most favorite is none other than "FRIENDS"...there is just no comparision to this serial. Around 4 years ago my sister presented me DVDs of all the 10 seasons of FRIENDs....and since then don't know how many times i must have watched it. My husband does not understand how can i watch this over and over again when i alreday know all the jokes , exact timing of the funny comment coming from which character. :) I also don't know why l like this serial soooooooooo much...but hey i don't even care to find the reason. May be its the best chemistry of all actors, good story, problems and happy moments coming in the life of these 6 friends can happen with anybody like u and me....joey's idea....what exactly makes this serial so amezing........But one thing i know that this brings smile on my face everytime i watch...It makes me forget all my stress, problems atleast for some time and thats enough for me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bollywood in Germany

Now its been 10 years I am living in germany, but i remember those days in 2001, 2002...that time i was new in germany, not knowing language so not much social life . That time watching Hindi films was the only good entertainment. I remember i used to go to Indian shop in stuttgart which was 90 k.m. away from my place once in a month and used to buy few bollywood films DVDs :) I have now such a big collection of movies... But now i can just rent it for 1 euro...saving lot of place at my home .
Then sometime in 2004 somebody told me that there is "kabhi kushi kabhi gum" movie on german TV channel.... I was so excited to hear that. That time i did not have TV at home i asked my would be husband if i can watch this movie at his home. he had to work late in the co. so i watched that movie with my mother in law..... in my excitment i forgot that even if its bollywood movie , it will be translated in german. I realized it when i started watching it ....and was a bit disappointed. But atleast songs were in Hindi :) My mother-in-law was surprised to see the movie and aksed me are all the indian boys like this?...I said just a movie...not reality.

Since then I watched many bollywood movies on german TV channel. It helped me to increase my german knowledge definately. They show here mainly sharukh khan's movies. He is a very famous bollywood actor in germany. Specially women, girls are crazy about him. Bollywood is a good topic to start conversation here :)

I know one german woman from my Bharatnatyam dance class.....she is realy big fan of him. She keeps on talking about shahrukh khan and in general bollywood movies always. Sometimes she tells me ...hey there is this and that movie at 2 O' clock in the night on some channel... And i just say...hmmm ok. Her wish is to go to Mumbai and see sharukh's house and get his autograph. Once she told me , she watched some documentry /interview of sharukh khan on CNN two times...well 2 times the same even though she don't understand a single word of english. :)...she watched that just to see him. she is a real FAN i must say.

Recently I joined Bollywwod Dance Course. I got surprised to see 12 german girls attending the course. They all r just crazy about bollywood movies, music and ofcourse Sharukh khan.. :) Its funny to explain them the meaning of movie songs in german as my teacher also don't understand the language...i am the only one who can tell the real meaning :)
Slowly bollywood is spreading everywhere in the world. it has become an interesting subject evrywhere. In germany too mostly women are facinated by bollywood love stories, music and feels amezing to see this. two years ago in frankfurt book festival, there was a special book "The bollywood Coock book"
I know bollywood makes complete useless, sensless, logicless movies many times but music is amezing and what more dance lovers like me should expect ? :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MY Dancing

I like to dance....doesn't matter what type but i just love to dance.I started to learn North indian classical dance "Katthak" when i was 6 years old. But soon left the class as i wanted to play with my friends...was not ready to stop that in between and go to class alone.
But still continue dancing in school competitaion, at home ... everyhwere :)
After coming to germany suddenly got very much interested again in South indian classical dance "bharatnatyam". Well it was definately not easy to find a teacher in germany . That time was living in a very small village in germany. so it was almost impossible to find bharatnatyam teacher but aha.... was lucky to find a teacher. And guess who was she....a German girl who had completed her Arngetram was ready to teach me bharatnatyam once a week. I was really happy. But after 2 years i moved to another far away city and she also moved to another city, so my dance class stopped. Then I got interested in Salsa dancing. and started to attend weekend workshops with one of my chinese friends. That music was just amezing. But after marriage stopped that as my hubby was not so much into dancing salsa. :(
Then one day attended one diwali festival in heidelberg and found a new bharatnatyam teacher. and ya...thats what i call now a real Globalization :)....An indian girl learning indian classcical dance in Germany from a Polish teacher :) This new teacher is also very good and i really like to learn from her. Since last 3 years my class is going on very well. I am enjoying it.
I really never thought that in germany i can find a bharatnatyam teacher. but ye...i found it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

DSDS 2010(Deutschland sucht den Superstar)

Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2010
I am watching this show now since almost 5 years.........and to be very frank i am getting boared now. This year specially i really don't like any of the candidates....
This year i really do not like one thing.....glorifying Menowin's jail stay. RTL is giving such a wrong message to young people.....young people will think ; its really cool to go to jail.
You can go to jail and come out and get a cool chance again in life.
Every time showing how melowin was in jail and how it was sad and how now he has got a second chance....But they never show that he went to jail because of his wrong deeds......
The second irritating woman is Nina Eichinger. She never say her own opinion. why....she always say "Ich stimme dieter zu oder Ich stimme volker zu" ...she can never comment on the singing quality of any of the candidates....always some stupid comment on dress, looks ..thats it. why she is jury? A big question to me.
Any way this is what i think