Monday, September 13, 2010

My Patisserie Course

Yesterday I attended a Patisserie course at crown plaza hotel. Till now I always used to wonder this dessert buffet at crown plaza . Always used to think that it must be something that only professional cooks can do but never thought its actually really simple to make even at home.
This was my first time to attend such course here in germany. We were almost 13 people in the course. course timing was at 14.00hr. and exactly at 14.00 hr. the head cook with his 3 assistants came where we were seating and introduced him and his team to us. Perfect german timing..... :) Everything was well organised. the whole staff there was also very  friendly. We all got one cocktail as welcome drink. when we heard this one of our team member asked it possible to cook after drinking alcohol? the chef said....well professionals like me can manage it better after 1,5 promillo but u should not :)  well he was kidding. But we all got anyway alcohol free cocktail. then we all got a nice  apron and cooking hat , a booklet with all recipes that were planned for our course. We all were instructed to wash hands first and then put some disinfection lotion on hand and only then we could enter the kitchen. All perfect planned and hygienic. I really liked this.
It was a good experience for all of us to see this big kitchen and all big machines these people are using there and also meet the kitchen staff. There was a little buffet of sweets and small starters for us to eat during our course .
We were divided into 2 groups and two of the assistants headed each group. These two assistant girls were also very friendly and explained us very well and also answered all of our questions. We all also got chance to do things own our own. It was really enjoyable.  We made Creme brühle, Shoko creme brühle, Hessisches tiramisu, Himbeer cream, Cappuccino trüffel. All are my favorites and really easy to make.

It was good to know how stressful the cook's job is in such a big restaurants. the head cook told us in such hotel chains, everything has to be perfect and so we all have to concentrate a lot while cooking . They all have long hrs. of work and gets only 1 hr. of  break during the work. Most of the time they cannot even seat at one place and have proper  lunch . Mostly they all eat some small stuff during the work. Take short break and eat and then again on the work. Its really funny , the person who cares for other's good health with healthy and perfect cooking cannot really get time to look after his /her own health. He was further saying because of stress many of the cooks are also smokers. Its also now a days really difficult to find good cooks as many of the students from hotel management colleges are not really willing to work in the kitchen. Only people who can really take this much stress and can really enjoy the cooking work can stay longer here. These people also get less time for family. Mostly during festival times , they can not take holidays as they have to serve us. It was really interesting information to hear.
I also met new people there , learned how to make these delicious desserts, got a chance to know more about cooking job, work in this big resturant's kitchen. Now I feel even safer to go to crown plaza and eat in their restaurant as I have seen it now how they really work there.
Now planning for my next course also at crown plaza for christmas baking and I am sure it will be also a good experience like this and can surprize my family this christmas with my desserts and christmas cookies :)

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